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EnSight License Installation

When you install EnSight on your Mac, you can install the license for just yourself (Personal) or for all users of your computer (System).

Personal License Install

This is the easiest and fastest license install method. When EnSight starts up without a license, you'll see this dialog asking to install a license.


By clicking the "Install License" button, you can navigate to your license file. EnSight will copy it to your personal EnSight preferences directory and continue starting up. That's it. The license has been copied to your personal directory, so it will only work for your account. If you have other users on your machine that need to use EnSight, they'll need to do the same or use the System License Install method.

System License Install

To install one license that works for all users on your system, you need to put the license file in the $CEI_HOME/license8 folder and its name should be slim8.key. For the normal install, that means the file should be /Applications/CEI/license8/slim8.key. This license8 directory is protected, so you'll need Admin rights to copy the file there. If you installed via the TGZ file, you'll need to copy the license file into CEI/license/slim8.key, wherever that may be on your system.

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